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                         Bringing Hope To The World Through God's Word!


He is risen! No longer in the tomb!

Take time to Ponder His goodness... He [Jesus] was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our justification. Romans 4:25/NIV. The sacrifice of our Lord was huge! Being covered by the blood of Jesus is the most precious of all gifts. Let's praise Him for He is Worthy!! Follow Jesus! Amen...

Welcome to Our Ministry Website!

Lord of Hope Ministries connects you to resources to supplement your spiritual growth. You do this by using the links on the left side of the page.

You have spiritual questions, a concern about the problems of day to day living, or you are a Pastor looking for sermon ideas? Check out the links... 

Do you really want to learn? Go to our Training Portal to feed on the teachings of many gifted individuals!

Do you want to hear ministry sermon audios check out  Misc. Sermon Mp3's. You can also listen to us on Spirit Network Radio by following the instructions at the radio link.

Do you want to watch sermon messages go to Ministry Video Messages. 

Want to see scenery and have music to meditate to? Check meditation downloads. Like music? Check praise and worship.
Like to see and hear a short Christian message? Check sermon video minuets, or sermon audio minuets. Like animation and powerpoint files? Check downloads. Like to read and meditate on Bible verses? Check the Bible and biweekly scripture review links. Like Christian books? Check LOHM Books and Book Notes. Want some humor or pondering notes? Check moments.
Are you a pastor that needs a day off with God? Check guest pastor. Want to study and research biblical topics ? Check out our Bible study and resources page. If you have spiritual questions check out ask the Pastor. On the Lord of Hope Association link you will find other ministries that take on specific areas. 
One ministry is called Just Prayers. In Just Prayers you can get your prayers posted so that our Prayer Warriors can lift them up to the Lord. You can also view the prayers so that you can pray for the needs of others.
Our Ministry was developed to point as many as possible to the the Lord Jesus Christ, our risen Savior and to bring hope to the world through God's word!
As you will see there are more items than what are mentioned here.
This website can be a tremendous resource so why not add it to your favorites or set it as your browser default page. Tell a friend about us...
Donations are needed to fund the many activities of ministry. Please consider making a donation to help us in bringing the hope of Christ to the world! Thanks!

For the cause of Christ, Pastor Roscoe and Bible Teacher Revita DeChalus

Jesus = Way+Truth+Life

                               Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord!


Lord of Hope Ministries* POB 160 * Streamwood * US *60107